What We Differ and What We Offer.


If a bidder wins a bid product, there is no need to pay an additional amount. The product will be ordered only based on the amount of the bid credits used.

Countdown Timer

In every auction event, there will be a countdown to the next bid, which resets once a bidder has placed a bid. The countdown timer will be used as a waiting time for the next bid to be placed by another bidder. If no one bids within the countdown time, the last bidder will be the winner.

Auction Event Duration limited upto 30 or 60 minutes

Bidding ranges from 30 minutes to 60 minutes. When the auction event ends at the end of the time limit, the person who bid the highest number of bid credits will be the winner.

Reaching MRP

If the auction event closes when it reaches its MRP price, then the person who bids the highest number of bid credits will be the winner.

Buy It Now

Use “buy it now” feature so that a customer can immediately buy the item without bidding.

About Us

Savebox is an online auction platform, proudly hosting online auctions for a wide variety of bidders across India so that you have access to the best auction stock in the country.

With our simple auction mobile app, we expand your access to bids normally off limits because of distance (be it geographical or social).

Register for a free eAuction account and come see the difference for yourself.

The Core Team of Savebox

The dedicated and focused SAVEBOX Core team relentlessly strives to improve the auction experience for all bidders, and the team believes in the auction mechanism as an easy means of transacting for all bidders. The team subscribes to the ethics and morals that are required by the auction industry.

It’s our hands-on approach, processes, integrity, outstanding marketing and service that set us apart.

The Core Team of Savebox have different skills, but together we make the difference

Get to know us better.
  1. Swathiq Rahim: CEO
  2. Dino David: GM - Operations
  3. Amritha Anilkumar Customer Support Group
  4. Arun K Moorthy: Backend Admin
How eAuction Work


Reliable and Smooth Order Execution Through Our Own Courier Company, SAVEBOX Express.

it is always our main goal to ensure the satisfaction of our customers.

Below, step by step, is our delivery process when winning a bid or ordering products through the Savebox eAuction App


Participate in auctions or simply order products directly from the Savebox eAuction app.


Your product is ready for delivery and we are now getting closer to your satisfaction. At this point, you will automatically receive an invoice directly by mail.

Order Confirmation

You will receive an e-mail and a message notification when your product order is confirmed. We usually process your order within 2 working days. So do not worry.


When we have received your payment on our bank account, the products will be booked for transportation and the associated documents sent by SAVEBOX Express.

Delivery time

You will automatically and continuously receive delivery updates by mail and message till your product is ready for delivery.


The customer´s satisfaction is an honour. If you are not satisfied with or service, we would be happy to hear from you. Hope to see you again.

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