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Welcome to Savebox Bidding App version 2.0

Savebox is Startup, which is listed in Google as India's First Bidding App ! Here you can get Brand New Factory Products in Maximum Discount through Bidding. Mobile Phones, Gadgets, Mobile Accessories, Electronics, Home appliances available in Bidding mainly in Savebox Bidding App.

If your are an android user, you can download savebox Bidding App.apk from our website


 How to Join Savebox ?
• Create an account with Proper KYC details.
• Once account verified you can enter Bidding for Brand new factory products which start Bidding from 1Rs/-

*Conditions of Winning a Bid Product :- *
• All bid events will be for particular time . 20 min is normal bid event time for a normal product .

• In all Bid events , Winner will be decided by an admin panel , depends on bid event ending criteria.

 _1) Reaching MRP :- _
If Bid event closes when reach MRP price , then the winner will be selected the person who bid highest number of times (Who spend highest no of bid credits coins) in that particular product bid event .

_2) Bid Event Duration Ends :- _
If the bid event End when bid event time exceeded , then also the winner will be selected on the basic of The bidder who bid, highest number of times (Who spend highest no of bid credits coins) in that particular product bid event .

 _3) Beating Countdown :- _
The most Highlighted important winning chance is , in every bid event… there will be showing a 20 second countdown which reset once place a bid to next bid. A bidder have a chance to win bid product in Just 20sec countdown starts immediately once after place and bid . Meanwhile, there is no any placed other bidders before countdown ends , then the last bidder will be winner in that particular bid event . 20 sec countdown is very important factor in bid event and this 20 second countdown the maximum time period between bid to Bid.

If no one bid within this 20 seconds or the bid event closes by beating countdown , the last bidder will be considered as the winner In particular bid event. If you won bidding by beating countdown , you can encash the current bid price (Bid value) which showed when event Ends by beating countdown.

 Usage of Bid credits in savebox Bidding App version 2.0.
• In each bid event , the usage of bid credits depends on the value of bid Product .

 • Normally for common products bidding the wallet deduction will be 1 coin once we place a single bid. But Premium Products and High value product may deduct more than 1 coins from wallet. Once you enter every bid events , The coin deduction value will be mentioned in Bid rooms like 1 Bid = ?? coin".
Example: If a Bid product MRP value below 1000 INR , if you participate in that particular bid event 1Bid = 1 coin will deducted from wallet . Same time, in another Bid event product value may more than 2500INR and when we bid for that particular product may deduct 1bid = 2 coins or more .

 *Bid Product Delivery :- *
• Savebox version 2.0 , providing non redeemable bid credits and bid win can claim only on basis bid credits using . No any further payments to do for the particular product to claim and get delivery.
If u won a bid product , you can claim directly with out paying any amount further ,
Our Exclusive Logistic Startup firm called “Savebox Express” will deliver the bid win product with in 10 working days in your address once after claim .

*Features of "Bid&Earn” Introduction Pack *:-
• 1000 bid credit coins will be added to wallet

• Bid & Earn pack only have the facility to Encash the bid product MOP (SaveboxPrice) after deducting 10% service charge.
Example, if you use below 1000 bid credits from pack and won a IPhone 13 Pro max of worth 1,25,000/- , You can encash the bid product value after deducting 10% service charge and the net amount you will receive in account will be 1,12,500/- and this amount will be credited within next 48 hours of your bid win event .
Wawww… you earned 1,12,500/- with your time and sportsman spirit .

• If you won’t win any product after using Bid&Win 1000 credits , you can claim refund of pack .
It’s will be credited also same with in 48 hours in your bank account.

• Once you win using bid & Earn pack bid credits, you can claim product / Encash product price value and once claimed the Existing bid credit pack will be expired if the product value than 1000INR.

*How to purchase 'Bid & Earn' introduction Bid credit Pack :- *
• Bid & Earn Introduction pack can purchase manually with assistance of #Team_Savebox .
Once your account verified , you can send 1000/-INR through UPI apps or Bank Apps.
you can do payment to UPI ID: qr.savebox@sib and send screenshot to Whatapp 9895553109 which is Bid&Earn Customercare.

• whatsapp @ 9895166669, 9895556213 ( Whatsapp Customer Support ) here you can claim bid wins , Refund ,Enquires & Disputes .
Also you can mail us : Customercare@savebox.in

Soon available in Android Playsore and iOS Appstore.

Enjoy Dazzling Bidding Features of India’s #1st Bidding App ….
Happy Bidding …!
#Team_Savebox .